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Click HERE to visit our class website.  Our password is coyote.
     Hi!  My name is Anita Jenkins.  I teach kindergarten in Room #1 at Tuscany Hills Elementary.  I've been teaching 31 years (I can hardly believe it).  I've taught kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades.  I absolutely LOVE teaching kindergarten.  Most of our kinders are five and six years old, which are the ages they are the sweetest, smartest and cutest!!!  I love all the adorable things they say to me.  They make me smile everyday!
     We have a new class website where I'm putting pictures of the kids when they get awards, on their birthday, and just miscellaneous pictures of them working and playing in school.  I'm also including some fun videos of special days in kindergarten.  Please visit the site:  mrsjenkinskinder.com  (The password is coyote), or click the link above.