Tuscany Hills Elementary School

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School Synopsis

School Synopsis 

Tuscany Hills Coyotes are "Howling for Success".  We are a learning community that has tremendous commitment from our staff and phenomenal community support.  We enthusiastically and energetically strive to have our students succeed academically and socially each and every day. 

Tuscany Hills Elementary is part of the Lake Elsinore Unified School District and is located in Riverside County. Approximately one third of our students are bus riders.  

The teachers at Tuscany Hills Elementary meet each week to monitor the growth of all students.  In their collaborative meeting they analyze student work and common assessments to determine individual student progress towards mastery of the Common Core State Standards.  The assessments used are: classroom assessments, benchmark assessments and Measures of Academic Progress tests (state-aligned computerized adaptive assessments).  They provide accurate, useful information about student achievement and growth.  Teachers then modify their lesson plans and groupings to meet the students' needs.

Tuscany Hills also has a variety of activities to support our vision for student success including before and after school tutoring, Mile Runs, Walk to School Day, Peaceful Playgrounds, Read Naturally, and a Music Program.  We have had many parents district screened so that they can work on a weekly basis in the classrooms, with additional parents working in other volunteer capacities.  We gather each Friday as a school to reinforce our spirit of community, highlight student success, and recognize students exhibiting "Coyote Character", such as hard work, loyalty, friendship, fitness, and self-control.  Shadow, our school mascot, will pop up to support and reinforce this exemplary behavior as well as student effort and achievement n academics and together we will "Howl for Success because the whole pack is on track!"